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About company

HybridServers company is attractive to the clients all over the world, because Lithuania is located in the geographical center of Europe. Even though the Internet is a global concept and it doesn’t matter where the company is located – in Germany, or in England, or in USA, those companies which have many clients in Europe, want their servers to be located in Europe. That is why we are handy for them and they choose us as service providers. The services of our data center are especially popular in Russia. Russian companies are interested in our data centre, because Lithuania is like bridge between the east and the west. We have European Law and Russian companies often want to have their servers and keep their data here for security reasons. The services of our data center are different from those of other companies, because our services are very flexible.

All the requests and demands of our clients are recorded using electronic systems, so none of them are forgotten and everything is done on time.


About data center

Data center is located in Lithuania, European Union country near the Baltic sea, beside- Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands.
Excellent Internet feeds allow providing services not only throughout the whole Europe, but also all over the world. According to the Internet traffic in Europe, Lithuania has been in the lead for several years (Lithuania is on,77/Lithuania 1st place by Download speed &,77/Lithuania 2nd place by Upload speed in the world). The company’s flexibility allows serving clients perfectly by offering them personal solutions. Thanks to the new innovations, the clients are offered the most modern services for a reasonable price. Two independent power lines ensure a reliable power supply to the data center: diesel generator and uninterruptable power supplies “Ups”. High speed Internet connections are made with European and world leaders: “Level 3″, “Globalcom”, “Deutsche Telekom”, and “Verizon”.

All the necessary systems are installed in the data center: dual climate control system, humidity removal system, fire extinguishers with gas, and security systems. The clients of the data centre are served by a group of consultants that have many years of experience. The engineers offer the necessary solutions. The server administrators constantly observe the work of the systems, supervise the clients’ servers. Our goal is to provide the kind of services, which would help you to develop your business directly without thinking about the technical issues.
We care a lot about the environment, so we save and protect it by cooling our servers using the most eco-friendly free-cooling systems. Great server uptime is granted by modern diesel generators, duplicated uninterruptible power supply systems and high bandwidth. We use only the most reliable products by Intel, which adds to the high technological quality.

Data center:

  • Internet bandwidth from Level3, Globalcom, Linxtelecom, verizon, Deutsche Telecom.
  • Up to TIER III infrastructure
  • UPS system
  • Diesel generator
  • Fire protection
  • Physical Security
  • Green air conditioning system (outdoor air-cooled)
  • Air humidity removal system
  • 24/7 technical support




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