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Every Hybrid Server is powered by RedHat KVM virtualization, a new server provisioning technology developed by HybridServers. A Hybrid Server is a new generation of dedicated server bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing’s resource limitations. Every Hybrid Server have dedicated Processor, RAM and HDD. So, you have the guarantee of security and reliability. Hybrid Servers are the perfect gap between VPS and Dedicated Servers. Our Hybrid service is fully redundant and allows for maximum uptime without the worry of having to monitor your server. We provide fully optimized and secured servers that offer full root access. Our Hybrids are perfect for hosting companies and Flash Media based websites. We do not have any hidden fees. Clients are provided exactly what they order and emerged errors are dealt with promptly. The company’s business practices are insured.
VPS Smart Hybrid Dedicated
Flexibility, Instant Setup, Automatic migration 1 1 1 0
Dedicated processor, Dedicated RAM 0 1 1 1
Dedicated HDD -1 -1 1 1
Price 1 0 1 0
Support I/O-intensive applications* -1 0 1 1
Total score: 0 1 5 3
All servers have their pros and cons, that’s why we created servers’ comparison table to let you know them better. We prepared evaluations: 1 point for pros, -1 point for cons and 0 points for neutral evaluation. We evaluated features such as server resources, price and other attributes. As you can see, Hybrid server has the biggest score. It has all VPS’s and Dedicated server’s pros: dedicated resources, flexibility, instant setup, automatic migration, support of I/O-intensive applications and everything for good price. Dedicated server gets second place, because of bigger price and lack of flexibility and automation. The table clearly shows that Hybrid servers and Dedicated servers are the best choice. Talking about smart server, it is very similar to hybrid server, because of dedicated processor, dedicated RAM. However it doesn’t have dedicated HDD but you have to pay for this server as much as for one with dedicated HDD. VPS is the cheapest one, but it has no dedicated resources nor supports I/O-intensive applications. *Input/output (I/O) virtualization is a methodology to simplify management, lower costs and improve performance of servers in enterprise environments. I/O virtualization environments are created by abstracting the upper layer protocols from the physical connections.
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