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1. Where is your data center located?

BalticServers – exceptionally innovative and flexible datacenter with a long history (since 2001) in Europe with Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands not too far off.

2. Why choose us?

* 11 years in the market.
* Server grade hardware only!
* Our own data center in Lithuania.
* More than 5000 customers from more than 100 countries worldwide.
* Lithuania is on 1st place by Download speed & 2nd place by Upload speed in the world! * Offshore services.
* Flexible DMCA policy.

3. Do you monitor/scan servers for illegal content?

Respecting the privacy of our customers, we do not scan or check any data, stored in dedicated servers, except serious complains from police and courts.

4. Do you limit bandwidth?

Our data center offers unmetered traffic, but with fair use conditions: 20% of 100mbps monthly average traffic usage. Little bit more is ok. If traffic is not enough, please contact us and ask about more traffic usage conditions and prices.

5. Do you protect from DDOS?

A security system against DDOS was installed, which protects your servers against overloads precisely to one IP address, if the clients on your server are being attacked.

6. Do you allow Xrumer on your Server?

We do not allow Xrumer or similar SPAM software. Our company does not tolerate any kind of spam.

7. Do you allow Email marketing?

We are not tollerant for any kind of SPAM.

8. What you will do if get DMCA complaint?

We offer flexible DMCA complaint policy. All customers are informed by email to check complaint. We give 24 hours to respond to our email.
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