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Love for nature

At the moment we are living in technology century. Most technology products are produced by merging few different ideas. Same thing is with hybrid servers. It is a combination of powerful enterprise-class server and virtualization technology. In order to show that there are also many different connections even in nature we chose hybrid animal Tigon to represent these our servers. Tigon is the offspring of a male tiger and a lioness. Tigons can exhibit characteristics of both parents: the same size, a coat that is both spotted and striped. This hybrid is characterized by strength and so does Hybrid Server. It combines all the best server characteristics.
We love nature, that’s why we support making and using hybrid servers. To create two hybrid servers we use only one server body. This helps to reduce the amount of materials needed to build servers and lessens electricity usage. We also use only laptops and no additional hardware for work in our company (no printers or powerful personal computers) and our personnel is promoting going to work by bicycle. All services and even invoices are hosted on internet only, no papers are used. To show our love for nature and animals, every year we are going to pay 2% from company profit to zoos which have lions and tigers starting from our country. If your business is ecologically responsible, inform us and you will get Tigon T-shirt with your hybrid server. WORK GLOBAL, THINK GREEN!
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