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How do I know if I use your services for business purposes?

Vat-free-Hybrid-Servers-for-business When setting up your account, you’ll be asked to select the country where your billing address is located. If you indicate a European Union member state, you’ll have to choose whether you are going to use the services for business purposes, or just for personal use.

The vast majority of clients use our services for business purposes. This includes resellers and others. Using our services for business purposes means that the client seeks to gain an economic advantage by using our services (B2B, resellers, any for-profit activity). If this describes you, select “Business” radio button in “Tax Status” section.

If you select “Business”, we will not charge your account VAT. You will be responsible for accounting VAT in your home country.

Only select “Personal” in “Tax Status” section if you use our services for a private, non-business purpose. In this case, we will charge your account VAT at the current Lithuanian standard rate.
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